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  • Scan / Import

    Works with most TWAIN and ISIS driver scanners. Integration with image enhancement driver software such as Kofax VRS, Kodak Perfect Page, Visioneer Acuity, and Fujitsu PaperStream IP.
    Automatic import options for network devices and pre-scanned images that may require further processing. Import TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP files.
  • Quality Control

    Post scan image enhancement options such as despeckle, deskew, image crop, hole punch removal, border removal, and more.
    Editing tools and practical time-saving shortcut options such as hot keys that are intuitive to make the scanning and quality control process faster and more accurate than ever.
  • Index, Data Entry, Bookmark Creation

    Multiple index profiles and meta data templates ensure that all of your document types are uniquely and personally tagged with important information for easy search and retrieval later.
    Manually or automatically index files with various field types such as text, number, date, and select lists. Create PDF Bookmarks manually or automatically from barcode values.  
  • Understand Your ROI (Return On Investment)

    Track the productivity and efficiency of users and processes. The built in reporting tool allows administrators to track and audit productivity and profitability automatically versus an alternative manual logging process.
    Input costs and revenue so that profitability reports are automatically generated.
  • Export Scanned Images with Metadata

    Push images and data into any document management system or file sharing structure, along with automatic file naming and folder creation for quick and efficient organization and collaboration.
    Supported export image formats include TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, GIF, BMP. Metadata may be exported as TXT, CSV, XML, and other customizable formats.


What Our Customers Have to Say!
  • Established in 1984, Record Storage Systems, provides the entire information life cycle process including: Records Management, Scanning / Imaging, Data Vaulting, Contingency Planning and Shredding. They are using Dokmee Capture inside the scanning department of their records warehouse to facilitate and manage the Scanning / Imaging protion of their document life cycle offereings.

    Record Storage Systems - North Carolina, USA 4 Dokmee Capture
  • Since its inception in 1995 as a licensed professional employer organization (PEO), G&A Partners has grown into a comprehensive human resource outsourcing and administrative services provider. The company was manually entering the data of hundreds of pages of accounting files. Dokmee Capture has significantly improved their work speed. Dokmee Capture has enabled them to complete several days’ worth of work in a matter of hours using Zone Recognition in combination with Database Validation to transform this process from manual keyed entry to an automated data recognition and lookup.

    G&A Partners - Texas, USA 1 Dokmee Capture
  • Since 1977, Northwest Custom Apparel has been providing high quality embroidered items across the United States. Before Dokmee, all of their customer’s artwork was kept in large file cabinets. Using file cabinets made it difficult to find client work, and was very time consuming to manage. After implementing Dokmee, they are able to scan with an overhead style camera scanner and digitally file each piece of artwork. Searching for artwork has become drastically easier and less time consuming.

    Northwest Custom Apparel - Northwest Embroidery - Washington, USA 3 Dokmee Enterprise, 2 Dokmee Read Only
  • The Rayzor Company is a Real Estate Investment, Research, and Development Agency outside of Dallas, TX. Have been using Dokmee for several years to scan invoices coming in via mail and to store invoices coming in via email. Has assisted with organization and routing of invoices for approvals and payment as well as longterm electronic storage of the invoices.

    The Rayzor Company- Texas, USA 2 Dokmee Enterprise, 1 Dokmee Read Only
  • The Department of Justice and Public Safety of Prince Edward Island oversees a wide range of programs and activities in the areas of justice, public safety, enforcement and consumer and corporate services. Before Dokmee, the department had a hard time locating documents that were specifically filed with the court services. After implementing the software, the employees can upload court services images and documents into Dokmee using specific names and other departments are able to find, email, and print the files when needed.

    Department of Environment, Labour and Justice, Division of Legal and Court Services - PEI, Canada 5 Dokmee Enterprise, 4 Dokmee Read Only
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